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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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How can I modify my profile ?

To modify your profile please go to modify my profile page. The menu in the left pan gives you acces to different section of your profile informations :
  • Preferences:: to modify your preferences such as your avatars, the text editor, your email, etc...
  • Avatar: to change your avatar (the image that represent you).
  • Contact: to fill your contact information if made available by the site administrator (such as MSN, Skype, phone number etc ...).
  • Groups: to view the groups available on the website, and the ones you belong to.
  • Password: to modify your login and / or your password. Please note to modify any of them you must input your current login and password.
  • Personal informations: to modify your personal informations as your email address, the website theme, your age, etc ...
  • Signature: to write your personalised signature that is shown in any of your messages.
  • Attachments: to view your uploaded attachments.

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